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Invert Mini Paintball Guns

The Invert Mini paintball gun is one of the best deals for a paintball gun on the market. The light weight and compact design of the Invert Mini makes this an ideal paintball gun for any beginning to advanced paintball player who is looking to do some serious damage on the paintball field.

Weighing in at just under 2 pounds, the Invert Mini has an ROF of at least 20 balls per second and can easily be adjusted on the fly. The adjustment button as well as the on off switch is located on the very back of the front grip so it will not accidentally be hit or touched during play.

The Stock barrel on the Invert Mini is machined form great quality aluminum and will give you some pretty good overall accuracy. The Invert Mini is Autococker threaded so there are a ton of good upgraded barrels on the market should you decide to swap out your stock one.

The Main upgrade you should look at if you are looking to purchase the Invert Mini is the Relay ASA. The Empire Relay ASA will give your Invert Mini an On/Off lever which will make it very easy for you to take your tank on and off the marker.

Overall, Invert Paintball has some of the best designed paintball guns and gear on the market. Check out everything they have to offer and get yourself decked out in a brand new Invert Paintball setup.

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