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MacDev Clone GT

Check out the MacDev Clone GT paintball gun which will be shipping to paintball stores very soon. Packed full of some great new upgrades and features, the MacDev Clone GT paintball gun will be one of the hottest new tournament paintball guns for the 2012 paintball season. With an expected price tag of $1400, the Clone GT will present itself within the ranks of the DM series guns, Dye NT, DLX Luxe, Eclipse Ego, Bob Long, and Eclipse Geo markers.

The MacDev CLone GT is the first paintball gun in the MacDev lineup that has gotten rid of the macroline and incorporated a gas through grip frame design. This upgrade gives the Clone GT a very clean look and keeps external plastic hoses off the gun. The MacDev Clone GT also allows for easy bolt removal out the back of the paintball gun. When it is degassed, the bolt assembly is easily removed from the back of the marker for cleaning or maintenance.

If you are looking for a new gun, then check out all of the details on the new MacDev Clone GT paintball gun.

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