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2012 Empire Paintball Equipment

Earlier today many of the online paintball companies released the 2012 Empire paintball euipment. Featured in this years release we have all new 2012 Empire Pants, 2012 Empire jersey, 2012 Empire gloves, 2012 Empire bags and a 2012 Empire harness. After checking out all of the new gear, this seems to be one of the best releases of Empire gear.

The 2012 Empire paintball gear officially gives you more choices than you have ever had. With 4 different versions of pants, you can get exactly what you need to be the best on the field. Like last year, the 2012 Empire paintball gear has bot a top of the line LTD pant as well as a bit less expensive Contact pant. Now there is also a pair of Contact Pants ZERO which are the same price but a lot lighter in weight. The 2012 Empire paintball gear also debuted a brand new pair of inexpensive pants called the 2012 Empire Prevail pants.

Within the 2012 Empire paintball gear lineup there are 3 different versions in a variety of colors and patterns. All have different prices and are targeted anywhere from beginner to advanced level paintball players.

Along with the clothing the 2012 Empire paintball gear lineup also included some great new gloves, good looking packs and a full new line of 2012 Empire Gear bags.

The two most notable websites that were first to release the 2012 Empire paintball gear were ANSgear.com and ActionVillage.com. Shop their entire lineup:
ANSgear2012 Empire Paintball Gear
ActionVillage.com2012 Empire Paintball Gear

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