New Empire E-Flex Paintball Mask

The best new goggle of the year is the Empire E-Flex series paintball mask. Using technology from the popular Empire E-Vent series goggles as well as the Jt ProFlex, the Empire E-Flex is a great choice.

When you look at the picture to the left, it looks like the Event and the proflex had a baby! The Popular Event Lens system is included on the new Empire E-Flex mask and you can choose between all of the different color lenses they offer. The bottom of the mask is a re-designed JT ProFlex bottom that has a reduced profile.

The Empire E-Flex has an expected retail price between $100 and $110. Initial color releases of the Empire E-Flex paintball mask will be black, grey, olive, red, white and blue.

All components of the JT Spectra series paintball goggles are compatible with the Empire E-Flex paintball mask. Have fun swapping out all of the colors!  Available for pre-order now at ANSgear.

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